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If you have any suggestions for our program, please email our Section Chair.

Attention All ASQ Worcester Section Members

Starting January 1st, 2019, ASQ National now requires that all recertification applications be submitted directly through their website. Submissions will no longer be done locally at the section level and will be processed through the recertification section of the ASQ National website. To get forms or to submit your applications, please go to the following webpage:

Nominations for Elected Officers for CY 2020

Nominations are invited for the Elected Officers of ASQ Worcester section: Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary.
If you are interested, please send emails to Nominating Chair, Jay Patel (cell phone 508-579-1006) providing the following information:
  • Your member number
  • Your involvement with ASQ
  • Sections, divisions, and experience related to the position.
The last date for submitting nominations is September 1, 2019.
If there are multiple qualified nominations for the same position, an election will take place and communications will be sent out to the entire ASQ Worcester membership.

If there is just one nomination for each position,  the nomination will be declared as elected at the dinner meeting on Sep 19, 2019 at the Holiday Inn in Marlborough.

The elected Chair will appoint the following committees:
  1. Program Chair (4 hours per month)
  2. Arrangement Chair (4 hours per month)
  3. Education Chair (4 hours per month)
  4. Publicity Chair (2 hours per month)
  5. Webmaster (4 hours per month)
  6. Membership/VOC Chair  (4 hours per month)
  7. Auditing Chair (4 hours per year)
  8. Scholarship Chair (4 hours per year)

You may also send an email if you are interested or want to know more about the meeting.

You are required to attend 50% of the meetings (5 dinner meetings and 3 Executive Committee meetings)

The following benefits are available if you serve the Worcester section:

  1. Free dinner at dinner meetings (9 dinner meetings, $30 value per meeting)
  2. No charge at seminars or courses, except material cost ($400 value,  limited to one per year)
  3. Recertification Units, 1.0 units
  4. Certificate of appreciation with free dinner and $50 gift card
  5. You will improve your soft skills, since you will be working with people