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January 2020 Newsletter

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ASQ Worcester Newsletter January 2020


For recertification, contact, phone: 1-800-248-1946. Sections don’t handle recertification journals. It is done online by ASQ.


For applying for a scholarship through ASQ Worcester  go here for details.

Scholarship application 2020

Job Opening(s)

  1. QPS, Inc. ( in Marlborough, MA has job openings for retired Part-Time Quality Engineers or Managers. ASQ certification preferred. Please send your resume to

2. Quality Manager / Management Representative – Sparton Beckwood

Sample of potential Quality Responsibilities

  • Collects, interprets and posts quality data to be used for continuous improvement.
  • Evaluates quality and takes corrective action.
  • Ensures training requirements are sufficiently met either through personal training involvement or through other applicable training resources (engineers, technicians, etc.)
  • Maintain applicable quality/regulatory documentation specific to the requirements of the product.
  • Identify and pursue resolution of issues impacting product quality directly with the individual/group responsible.
  • Support other Area Supervisors and Leads in seeking resolution of issues impacting product quality directly with the individual/group responsible.  As appropriate, work directly with representatives from other departments for cross-functional issues that may be impacting quality within the department.
  • Conduct continuous improvement meetings to identify relevant issues, assign corrective action ownership, and monitor progress to completion.
  • Recommend measures to improve process methods, equipment performance, and quality of product.

Ensure training matrix is up to date and complete as verification that an operator has been trained, tested, and certified.

Title Role
Quality Manager / Management Representative Oversees Sparton Beckwood’s Quality Management System
·         Responsible for all aspects of the day to day quality related activities of Sparton Beckwood. In addition, executive management has appointed the Quality Manager as Sparton Beckwood’s Management Representative who irrespective of other duties has responsibility and authority that includes:

·         ensuring that processes needed for the quality management system are established, implemented and maintained,

·         reporting to executive management on the performance of the quality management system and need for improvement,

·         ensuring the promotion of awareness of customer requirements throughout the organization,

·         liaison with external parties on matters relating to the quality management system.

·         the organizational freedom to resolve matters pertaining to quality.

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