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Topic: Level Up: Job Offer Negotiations

Date: February 6, 2020

Time: 12:00 to 1:15 PM

Speakers: Lisa Brown and Joe Springer


A decade of stagnant wages; another recession looms on the horizon.  Job duties expand as staff gets reduced.  Corporations grow exponentially with increased and consolidated power.  Who helps employees to prepare and negotiate with these titans?

Society doesn’t.  But Lisa and Joe do.

Lisa and Joe have noticed that the vast majority of employees do not negotiate enough and usually not at all!  Most take what’s offered and only tentatively probe around the edges.  That’s understandable.  After all, how often do any of us get the chance to negotiate a job offer or a promotion?  If lucky, maybe twice.  If a superstar, perhaps five or six times.  No wonder most are so bad at it.

Employees are playing checkers.  Corporations are playing chess.  Guess who loses? 

Using a structured and proprietary methodology we teach how to negotiate from a position of knowledge and empowerment.  We provide answers to the questions that leave folks speechless and backpedaling.  We’ll explain what questions to ask.  We teach what to expect, how to prepare, what options exist, what you’re most likely to be offered, how much room exists to negotiate, and when enough is enough.   We teach how to evaluate your own competitiveness, the attractiveness of a job, the type of company you’re dealing with, how much you should want a particular job, and three strategies for negotiating for the job you decide you want.   All the while, we share insights into the decision makers’ perspectives; those whom with whom you’ll be negotiating!

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Speaker Biographies: 

Lisa Brown

Lisa has extensive experience in business management, leadership and human resources. A lover of literature and the arts, she obtained her Bachelors in English & Spanish from Bucknell University. While living in San Diego, she attended USD law school, and began her career in HR. After 20+ years in business, she decided to obtain her Master’s degree in English at Binghamton University and start writing in earnest. This is her first non-fiction book – a combined result of her personal business perspectives, HR experience, and collaborative style.

Lisa has had a successful and fast-tracked career in business, and has occupied various high-level
managerial positions with large and small companies, both privately owned and publicly traded. As VP of Organization and Planning for Crowley Foods, she directed all HR and planning efforts for the corporation, and was one of five corporate officers who successfully grew the business through rapid acquisition. She also was the chief negotiator for over 20 labor contracts covering more than 1500 employees. From 2008 to 2016, Lisa served as VP of HR for IMR Test Labs, a privately owned company specializing in materials testing. At IMR, she established an HR function, served as an integral part of the senior leadership team, readied IMR for sale to Curtiss-Wright Corporation, and assisted in launching two start-up labs in Asia. Lisa has interviewed tens of thousands of qualified, eager applicants, extended thousands of job offers, and negotiated employment arrangements for candidates and employees in roles from individual contributor to President and CEO.

In 2017, Lisa decided to leave the corporate world, devote more time to writing, and develop her
own business model. She launched LTB Consulting, LLP, which provides business and HR
consulting services to companies and individuals. Her professional focus is on writing and talent
development. She and her husband, Tom, live in the Finger Lakes in upstate New York, and have
two terrific adult children who are married to equally wonderful spouses.

Joe Springer

Joe combines technical and business expertise that derive from an engineering degree from Virginia Tech and an MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth. His education, experience and leadership skills propelled him to the executive ranks at each of the firms he served. Over his career, Joe has evaluated foreign markets and established and led enterprises in the US, Europe, and Asia.

His travels started young, as the son of an Army Colonel. Born in Thailand, he moved almost annually, with a year in Germany. In business, he continued to travel and is comfortable in many diverse cultures. He served as a business leader in Germany, Hungary, and Singapore, founded a lab in China, and has held such positions as Controller, VP Sales and Marketing, General Manager, President, COO, and CEO at public and private firms such as Corning, Curtiss-Wright, BMC, IMR Test Labs, and Vergason Technology in the United States.

As a veteran of acquisitions, divestitures, and even a bankruptcy, he’s been on both sides of the table in high stakes situations. He has twice left his own company – Springer Global Consulting – upon clients’ requests to run their companies. His most recent leadership roles were in technology service firms, and he also led a capital equipment and two manufacturing companies. His experience, energy, and speaking abilities have led to positions of responsibility for two non-profits – as the Major Gifts Chairman of the Central New York Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and as the Vice President of the Central New York International Business Alliance.

Throughout his career Joe has interviewed, negotiated with, and hired hundreds of employees from scores of different cultures, nationalities, and skill levels, while at the same time handling his own career progression and the executive contracts involved therein. He’s led or participated in hundreds of contract negotiations and agreements of all sorts (shareholder, employment, domestic relocations, international relocations, licensing, royalties, supply, distribution, representation, non-competes, nondisclosures, letters of credit, powers of attorney, real estate, etc.).

His thirst for adventure spans the globe and he has hiked, mountain-climbed, skied, or boated in
Asia, Africa, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, North America, and Europe. Married for 35 years, Joe and Carla have two adult children, and split their time between their homes in Portland, OR and Syracuse, NY.