Course #C104 Basic and Intermediate Statistics


  • Introduction
  • Events
  • Probability
  • Methods to Determine Probability Values
  • Multiplication Theorem
  • Addition Theorem
  • Permutations and Combinations
  • Probability Distributions
  • Conditional Probability
  • Probability Roadmap
  • Venn Diagrams


  • Continuous Distributions
  • Measures of Central Tendency
  • Measures of Spread or Dispersion
  • Histograms and Frequency Distributions
  • Shapes of Distributions
  • The Normal Curve
  • Discrete Distributions


  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Decision Errors
  • How a Hypothesis is Tested
  • Test for Goodness of Fit
  • Inferences about Two Means


  • Introduction
  • Methods for Checking Product
  • Acceptance Sampling Plans
  • The Operating Characteristic Curve
  • The Average Outgoing Quality Curve
  • Sampling Plan Construction
  • Glossary of Terms


  • Introduction
  • Control Chart Concepts
  • Variables Control Charts
  • Attribute Control Charts
  • Tests for Unnatural Patterns
  • Control Chart Patterns
  • Factors for Computing Control Limits
  • Data Sheet for Control Charts
  • Control Chart Template


  • Regression
  • Method of Least Squares
  • Correlation

Instructor: Paparao Gundavaram

Paparao Gundavaram works at Raytheon Company in the Electronic Design Directorate as a subject matter expert of passive components. Before that, he worked at Raytheon’s Andover circuit assembly as a Quality Lead. He has worked in a number of major high technology companies, including Intel, IBM, NEC, and Digital Equipment Corporation. He worked at Osmania University college of engineering as a lecturer and later as an instructor at the University of New Hampshire electrical engineering department.

He performed his postgraduate work at the University of New Hampshire and obtained his Master’s Degree from the City College of New York and a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Osmania University in Hyderabad, India.

His work experience ranges from design engineering support, circuit card assembly operations, and quality control to ASIC design work at IBM, Intel, and NEC, and component engineering and test engineering at Digital Equipment Corporation.

He has obtained four certifications from ASQ, including CQE, CRE, CMQ/OE, and CQA, and is actively involved with the ASQ Worcester chapter. He has been elected to be the Chairman of this chapter for 2019.