Business Security and challenges from an Asset Perspective

Pre-dinner topic at 6 PM: Jeopardy Game by Paparao G., ASQ Worcester Chair

After-dinner topic: Business Security and Challenges from an Asset Perspective

Summary: As an organization’s assets become digital, a new perspective needs to be developed that considers value and risk. As you consider ISO 27001 and other security standards, you need a high-level framework to consider business risk and security. Are you protecting all the assets listed on your company’s balance sheet? How do security considerations relate to the stated and non-stated assets on your company’s balance sheet such as IP and reputation? In the early 1980s, there was a transition from paper to PC-based MRP systems which could be secured by a username and password. The digital transformation of company systems to a hybrid of local and cloud-based resources require new, more sophisticated security protocols. Do you know where your digital assets are located and how they are secured? Use our digital transformation checklist to evaluate your security challenges.  

Instructor: Tom Johnson, Director, Strategic Development       

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Tom Johnson, Founder and General Manager is leading the BCS commitment to grow while managing our strategic partnerships, the annual business plan, and financial reporting.  Since 2011, he has developed BCS as a managed service provider for business networks and telephone infrastructure, as well as technology products from Microsoft, Cisco, and EMC/VMware. Under his leadership, BCS has grown over 30% per year. Tom was President of Business Computers & Service, Inc. prior to 2011. He has over 20 years of experience selling and installing accounting software for distributors, manufacturers, and professional offices. With degrees in Electrical Engineering and Education, Tom taught in both public school and at business college levels. Business planning for entrepreneurs, marketing, and financial modeling are topics of the greatest passion. He has served as a judge for the GLS International Business Case Competition for the last three years.