Bounce Back

Date: April 18, 2019

Location: J. Anthony’s Italian Grill, No. Oxford, MA

Dinner Meeting Agenda:

5:45-6:30 PM – Pre-dinner topic: Value Stream Mapping Workshop by Jack Reardon

6:30-7:15 PM – Dinner

7:15-7:30 PM – Section Business

7:30-8:30 PM – Dinner Presentation

Life is good until it isn’t, right? How do you manage the stress of your day? Do you struggle with work-life integration?  Resiliency is the ability to overcome challenges, adversity, and perceived failure—your key to success in anything. A resilient person understands that success or failure in one area of life often affects all the other areas of life as well. Our resiliency training helps organizations and their people apply strategies to help avoid long slumps in sales and innovation, bounce back from difficult conversations, create a culture of interest, and more effectively handle stress.

Lack of awareness towards wellness can consume more than half of a company’s profits in worker compensations due to illnesses, absenteeism, unproductive mindset, etc. Building on your resilience is much more than a simple self-improvement project. Rather than driving to be better, this is the opposite approach—where you commit to your life as a system of processes, and accept yourself, and your life, exactly as they are at this moment in time. And decide where you go from here.

Bounce Back is our introductory workshop on the process of building resilience to become more productive, engaged in your work, and successfully navigating ongoing change.

Presenter: Janice Sioui, Director of Wellness & Corporate Coach

Janice Sioui thrives on challenge; on dialing into the root cause of issues like a disengaged company culture, declining productivity, and/or increasing employee turnover. She brings her unique blend of systems expertise and a thirst for real results with the innovative wellness program, Body Mind Bottom Line.

Janice’s passion is preventive maintenance; building wellness strategies to create foundations for permanent change. The Body Mind Bottom Line program at MindsetGo is designed to mindfully engage employees, enhance performance, decrease costs, and reduce stress for a more positive culture. By using a holistic, proactive approach, Janice inspires people to identify solutions, replace habits, create plans, and achieve goals both personally and professionally.

Having worked as a corporate systems consultant and auditor, Janice enjoys the challenge of helping companies create new outcomes. She fully embraces the MindsetGo mission: to build people up by mastering relationship building, face-to-face conversation, and influence because of her love of empowering people to be free from what holds them back. Her varied career includes being a successful entrepreneur, systems auditor, long-time wellness coach, and volunteer with the Worcester County Food Bank. Though she lives in Central MA with her husband and two daughters, she coaches clients from NY to LA, balancing her passion for her work with the delight of time with family. Being outside in any capacity is better than indoors, and traveling is part of her passion for experiencing an amazing life.