Chair’s Message

Chair’s Message

Dear Valued Member,

It is a privilege to be chosen as Chairman of the ASQ Worcester chapter and I will strive to include your valued opinions and suggestions as we chart our course together for 2019. Our chapter has some very experienced individuals who have been with this organization for a very long time, and I will lean on them from time to time for their valued help and guidance.

This year has seen significant changes at ASQ, including restructuring in a major way with regard to communication with its members and financial transactions. We are continuing to provide feedback and are engaged in discussions with the regional director. This is a major change in our 70+ years of operation. The implementation of all the planned changes will take time and will happen throughout 2019. We will continue to provide you information on these changes.

The 62nd NEQC conference was held in Marlborough from Oct 23-24, 2018 under the leadership of our members – Jay Patel as the Chairman and Jack Reardon as the Coordinator. The conference was attended by 175 members and about 12 sponsors and exhibitors participated in the conference. There were four parallel sessions held during the two-day event.

In 2019, we plan to offer courses at a much-reduced price for the benefit of our members and, in addition, we will also have webinars and seminars from a pool of very qualified professionals.

I am looking forward to your active participation in 2019 and on us working together to make the ASQ Worcester chapter worthy of recognition.


Paparao V. Gundavaram

Chairman – 2019

ASQ Worcester Chapter