Chair’s Message

Chair’s Message

Dear ASQ Worcester Section Members,

Hope you are all staying safe in these times of uncertainty. Let’s hope that these trying times will come to an end quickly and somewhat eased after the next few weeks. Unlike most folks, my life has not changed too drastically in the last few months during the entire pandemic thus far. I get up in the morning and get ready to go to work as I used to do. The company I work for makes product that has been deemed essential by the government as our products go into multiple applications such as trucks supplying medical products, military aerospace and the navy. As such, being a manufacturing company, work from home options are few and far between.

In this environment, maintaining the social distancing guidelines, hand washing etc. becomes all the more important in a work setting and has many challenges. Over the last few weeks, we have grown and adjusted to the changing circumstances, implementing protocols, managing personnel and visitors into the company, educating and instilling the culture of social distancing within the company all the while ensuring that customers and suppliers are appropriately handled taking into account the Coronavirus pandemic effects on the supply chain and resources. The leadership of the company has done an excellent job with laying out the ground rules, communicating efficiently both internally and externally, managing the necessary cutbacks due to the economic impacts while running the company with a “business as usual” attitude.

Coming back to the topic of Quality, similarly the executive leadership team of ASQ Worcester demonstrated sound judgement by acting fast to cancel the March 2020 dinner meeting in the interest of public health and safety. In addition, we have continued to keep members engaged with online Webinars. We offered 2 Webinars for the April meeting on AS9100D Major Changes presented by myself and EU MDR Vs USA MDR presented by Raj Kasbekar. We received good feedback on these topics and the online format and timing of these webinars. May and June Webinars will also be held so please keep an email lookout for the details to be announced soon. Continuing Education Units will be provided for those who attend these webinars and your feedback is very much appreciated as the executive leadership team strives towards continual improvement. We will hopefully have regular dinner meetings in the fall but will need to be flexible as things play out.

Although life may not go back to the way it was as I anticipate more permanent measures of sanitation and cleanliness that will inevitably come out of this pandemic once it is behind us, I have found that keeping a positive outlook helps me get through the day. Lately, I have been indulging in reading inspirational quotes and sharing them with my family. With that, I would like to share a quote from Taiichi Ohno, considered to be the father of the Toyota Production Systems who inspired lean thinking in the US: “Progress cannot be generated when we are satisfied with existing situations.

Be safe everyone!


Srilata Thirunagari

Section Chair

ASQ Worcester